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Cost of our services starts from $1000 (most of the time we can cover all the fantasies of our clients with this price).

Deadline directly depends on amount of work, however generally it doesn't exceed more than 3-4 days.

What benefits could you possibly get from collaborating with us?

  • – increase of added value of product
  • – increase of conversion marketing
  • – building customer loyalty to brand
  • – improving image and working on general perception

What can interest you from technical side?

  • – clean and neat "ClearView" design
  • – advance readability
  • – improvement in ability to grasp information
  • – determination of key factors and keeping attention on pinpointed main aspects
  • – access to product from any device(iOS, Android, Windows, Phone)
  • – opening product from any browser(IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • – starting product from any operating system(Windows, OSX, Lunix-based System)

Who are our customers?

  • – info-businessmen
  • – internet businessmen
  • – any companies and freelancers, who need professional help with selling product in digital version

What products will perfectly fit in our list of services?

  • – complimentary products to attract attention
  • – series of selling free of charge works
  • – paid and "premium" versions of products
  • – introducing materials
  • – products to sell on in *.EPUB format

What's included in our tooling?

  • – commercial and free fonts with legit license CC BY 4.0
  • – solid database with commercial and non-commercial pictures from 300 DPI
  • – variety of 'safe' color patterns and resolutions, which will nicely suit to any type of content

Who do we have in our team?

  • – marketing specialists
  • – designers
  • – front-end developers
  • – illustrators
  • – UI specialists
  • – UX specialists

How do we work?

  • – first, you contact us as convenient way to you as possible
  • – tell us about your desires and how you see the future product
  • – attach all materials you have(document, pictures, outline of a cover, output pages)
  • – make sure to inform us about your expectations in regards of final page capacity. It's very important due to different demands, for example, 10 pages of the original document we need to extend up to 15 (in this case the text needs to be split with pictures and illustrations, links and other elements)
  • * when you establish your requests, please note it's absolutely necessarily to have the first page(a cover), recommended last page(an output page), also keep in mind that you can include way more information on one .*PDF page than in *DOC
  • * if you are facing a problem of expressing your desires on paper, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any questions
  • – we evaluate project, offer the estimate and terms
  • – after signing PRD, terms and contact we start the process
  • – during the process of realization we present a few pages for introduction
  • – we accept 100% payment according to our contract. You receive efficient and ready to use *.PDF file

What are the guaranties?

  • – we don't take deposits
  • – no negative reviews
  • – make payments by PayPal
  • – if you are a legal entity, we can offer you to pay with a non-cash payment